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Hi All

Just starting to read through the 2 MS Press books the Training Guide and Exam Ref. I know the exam ref has all the topics required for the exam but when looking through the training guide there is a section on deploying servers and using MAP, MDT etc to customise images but I cannot see any reference to this on the exam objectives.

Can I discount these areas of the book that do not appear on the exam objectives or will I still need to know these? We use a 3rd party system for images so would not need to know how to do this for work but wanted to make sure in the exam little parts of it would not crop up.

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    Personally, I wouldn't spend to much time on them. You should remember that the Microsoft objectives always say "including but not limited too". This means that just because it isn't specifically listed that it won't appear. That said, I would limit my knowledge of them to what the tools do and any special file extensions associated with the tools. That should be enough to get you through the exam should they appear. I personally did not have any questions regarding those topics but that doesn't mean the questions can't show up.
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