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I keep reading that Amazon Web Services is now the defacto choice for start ups. I can't help but wonder if their certification would make a good addition to a resume for someone working with Linux, especially with LAMP?

Startups often hire generalist & "eager to learn" types. That could be a way to open a door for those looking to make the Windows to Linux transition & do so in the SMB marketplace.


  • santaownssantaowns Member Posts: 366
    I agree with you. I plan on doing AWS cert soon myself.
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    Seems like a very niche role at the moment. While I agree that AWS has been making headway recently, I would think a Linux certification would provide more value all round as opposed to the AWS.

    Aside from that, you might be better off with a generalized cert like Cloud+ instead of locking yourself into a single vendor. At least then it could be applied to any company that has a cloud solution instead of only companies that use AWS.
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    I've been working on an AWS project. I can definitely say that having linux administration skills is a huge advantage prior to working on aws, I'm now learning both. AWS itself isn't that hard by itself.

    I think it's a waist to go for the AWS cert just for the sake of having the cert. I don't have it, my CCNA was what attracted a start-up and my "eager to learn" mentality. My personality really helped me though.
  • antielvisantielvis Member Posts: 285 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I recently started watching the AWS CBT Nuggets and I'm thoroughly impressed with Amazon Web Services. What stood out was the cost of running a Linux server versus Windows. It made me think how knowing Linux (LAMP) and having an AWS certiciation could open doors.

    I brought it up because I see a lot of interest on this forum in Linux as a career. I can definitely see how having a Linux and AWS certification could be positive, especially in areas where startups are common. If you are interested in learning Linux and you lack the capability to set up a lab, consider AWS. They offer a free trial for a year and you can setup a fully operational Linux server. No charge. If you blow it up, you just reload the incident again.
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    The certificate material is pretty good, but the value of the certificate itself is marginal. For a lot of 'cloud' jobs knowing AWS is incidental. The expectation for these jobs is a good grasp on Linux and (for devops) familiarity with Continuous Integration tools.

    You'd be better served learning Linux and stuff like Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Ansible etc

    Honestly there's nothing in AWS that is hard to understand, even CloudFormation is just JSON you can generate. The AWS API is even easy to use, especially with python and boto.
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