Host Disconnects at Random

tstrip007tstrip007 Member Posts: 308 ■■■■□□□□□□
This started yesterday at our "other site" (two sites total) that has 7 hosts and around 40 vm's. My solarwinds alarms started going CRAZY! Although it was not effecting business because they would disconnect for a few seconds then come back.

I went ahead and increased the vcenter heartbeat timeout and still had the same issues. Net Engineer noticed some packet blocks in the firewall (UDP traffic aka heartbeats) and he can't figure out why its blocking it. We had some other issues going on and I rebooted the domain controller at this other location and since then, no disconnects. Still can't pin point why/how this happened.

Wondering if it would be wise to go with a linked mode configuration so the heartbeats wouldn't have to travel over the link. Anyone have a similar experience?

(Our main location that hosts vcenter did not experience any disconnects, net engineer said network wasn't congested)


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