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again, I don't get it what am I doing wrong, I felt it went well, took my time, revied my answers.

Can anyone confirm if the Sims are marked because i am positive 1 of them didn't work correctly.


  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    Hard luck!! As far as i know the sims are all marked and i had the same problem with 1 in the 290 exam. I KNOW i was doing it right but it wouldn work. I even attempted doing it other ways but had no luck. This is a fairly common problem for a lot of people!!

    I sit my exam prob in about a month, could you tell me what resources u used for DNS as i know this is featured heavily in the exam and also what kinda questions they asked about DNS? Thanks :D

    Best a luck for the next time
  • spudnikspudnik Member Posts: 232 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I used MS training kit and CBT Nuggets (although i could have watched them a bit more), I have ordered a new book.

    Just know everything about DNS (unfortuanatly) I probably had around 16Q's on it and a SIM and RAS is very heavily tested..

    Now I have to wait until the new year to sit it again, we only have 1 testing centre on my island, and they only test twice a month.
  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    well thanks for the advice and best of luck for the next time. Quite unfortunate u need to wait until the new year but hopefully that wil give u extra time to ensure u pass it next time

    All the best :D
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