Help With A Technical Evaluation Report

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Hi everyone! :)

Can anyone help me with this please:

You are supposed write:
"a. A Technical Evaluation Report based on what you have studied during
the autumn. Therefore you need to prepare in advance of an imaginary
implementation and the requirements that you had to meet when you
installed it. An Evaluation Report only discusses things that HAVE
TAKEN PLACE already so you should use past tense and present tense
while you write as well as linking words. Check down below. Follow the
pattern found at page 20 exercise 7, page 26 exercise 4 as well as on page
28. Remember to add suitable subheadings and the correct sentences for
the introduction and the conclusion found at pages 1-6.
b. An Abstract consisting of six sentences, based on your report. Check page
26, exercise 5 and the Key which will give you a hint of what it should look

I am not an english-speaking person so I do not fully understand this. I need to write about something that has to do with network, but this is really hard for me. Please help me..
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