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hi everyone i am new to the forum this is my first post , i am planning to write the ccent exam i allready got the odom new book and some vidoe tutorial, i would like to know if it is possible for me to do my practise on packet tracer only with out having any real switches or routers , simulater will it be enough or i have to set up real lab,


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    That's what I am doing. The only scenario that I haven't figured out how to depict in a lab is a multipoint frame relay network and I'm pretty sure even that is possible with some tweaking.
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    Yes, everything is available through Packet Tracer. Check GNS3 if you want more advanced features.
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    I studied and passed my CCNA just fine by only using Packet Tracer.
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    ok guys thanks for the advice i will keep using packet tracer, i will try GNS3 as Dieg0M said .
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    Packet Tracer will get you by for ccent. Moving forward I suggest using GNS3 and if you can, use real hardware.
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