Are most UK CISAs Indian accountants?

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Good morning fellow InfoSec types.

I have CISSP and CISM and 20 odd years experience in InfoSec in the UK and India. I popped over to That London yesterday to knock out a quick CISA (very good exam I thought and that's all I'll say on that per ISACA / ISC rules). Anyhoo - the CISM candidates were what I expected to see i.e mainly white 30/40 something men which is - in my experience - what I expect to see in UK corporate land. What I didn't expect was that around 75% of the CISA folks were Indians in their 20s. And they didn't look too techie - too smartly dressed and academic. (OK that's subjective of course but if you're a techie you'll know where I'm coming from. I mean it's not like they were wearing pyjamas and a T-Shirt saying 'I'm a developer' but....)

So...my question - are many CISA candidates actually accountants who're looking to branch out into IT? Also, why so many Indians? Public sector perhaps? I've been through 50+ IS audits and have met just one Asian lady. She was a beauty too so I'm all for it by the way.

Thank you.
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