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In my enviroment we have 5 users on the phone and 1 want to set our 3 level 1 Helpdesk as 1st priority for incoming calls and the 2 level 2 Helpdesk as the next priority. Basically what I want is, As long as the level guys are signed into the Cisco call center, they will always get the call first unless the 3 lines are full and then would roll over to the level 2 guys to take the extra volume. I thought I read it was the Softkey timers but not sure. Has anyone configured this setting before?
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    I would begin by setting skill levels for the Level 1 techs higher than the Level 2 techs. This would force Level 1 to take the call if they are in a ready state. If all Level 1s are in not ready states or active calls, you could either let the calls set in queue or have them roll to an overflow queue. Would take some programming, but it would accomplish your end goal. Just food for thought.
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