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Anyone currently work in NOVA/DC/MD with a TS/SCI or related clearance? I am looking to move up that direction in the near future and wondering what the day to day life is like up there. I am currently in Hampton Roads and I know the cost of living is higher up there but pay tends to be higher as well. I've also heard traffic can be a nightmare. I've visited Alexandria/Arlington a couple of times and it was really nice and interesting with all the history and sites to see.


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    shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    Its not what it use to be as contract prices are coming down. If you have no kids sale your car and move into the district(DC). If you have a family move to the burbs near a metro. It will still be pricy, but it makes life eaiser. Or you can move to the way our burbs like Chantilly, Reston and still have a pretty good time and easy commute to the metro.
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    zxbanezxbane Member Posts: 740 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Thanks for the response, I hear that about the contract prices coming down. I did a search on indeed/dice etc and NOVA/DC/MD still definitely seems to be far above other areas in job listings in our field, especially with a clearance.. That's one of the big draws to moving there, is the hope that the jobs are in abundance
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    Just be ready to commute for at least an hour each way! Sometimes it takes me two hours to get to work if there is an accident or delay. Either way I love it here, great opportunity and many options! good luck!
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    There are plenty of agencies hiring in Chantilly/Reston/Herndon areas. Find a job around there and look at places to live near there... much cheaper than DC itself.
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