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How would be the best way of getting knowledge in Citrix?
We do not have it here at my company, nor do we use it.
However I see lots of jobs that require certification and/or skill.
I would like to learn about it if possible hands on, but without much knowledge of it I turn to you all for advise.


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    Normally I'd say download a trial version and install it in a home lab... but I couldn't find it at the Citrix site, just some online demos. I think they had a trial version on CD several years ago, may you can mail or call them and ask.
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    I thought a saw a place where it could be downloaded. You might want to try signing up for a account or contacting Customer service.

    The best books to learn about Citrix are free. go to the support area of and download the administrator's guide and the getting started guide (if there is one) for Presentation Server 4.0.

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    Logged into, seems to be the place I want to go... will keep you guys posted so others will know as well.
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