Scheduled Sec+ Exam

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Hello TE!

I just finished reviewing all of Prof. Messer's videos as well as finished reading Darril's book. I have felt like all the concepts snapped pretty well and I am feeling confident about taking this test. I feel I am still weak in some of the cryptography concepts so I plan on reviewing some of those concepts. I understand that cryptography only covers about 11% of the questions but can anyone weigh in on how difficult these questions were?



  • TechGuru80TechGuru80 Member Posts: 1,539 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Generally if you understand the topics in the materials you listed, then it shouldn't be much of an issue. I would do the practice questions on the CompTIA website because I felt when I was preparing those gave me a pretty good confidence booster and even though not the same questions they provide a reasonable comparison for comprehension.
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