Need advice on game plan

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Hi Techexams,

I've got a plan, and I'm wondering what others think about it.

I had a work/study in Uni (1998-2000), then built a SOHO from scratch (2002), then managed a small network (2 MS servers - 30 hosts - 2008-9), then took a break and traveled for a while.

Now I'm back in the West, and I've committed myself to Net+ and CCNA. However, I'd really like to do Sec+.

I guess the original plan was to one day end up at CCIE, but as I've learned, life can lead you in many directions... so, is the basic foundational plan of Net+, Sec+, and CCNA a good one based on my experience, and do you think the experience I have will count even though it's spread over a decade or so?

I've also been using Linux for about 4 years personally, so I have that personal experience under my belt, but no certs to prove it.

Thanks for your input!


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    Network+ will be trumped by CCNA, so if you're comfortable with entry level networking and then some, go ahead and go for Security+ and then CCNA (or whichever way you'd prefer).
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    I'm comfortable with SOHO, but the Net+ is teaching me a lot that I could have used on a job in 2008. I must admit, I'm anxious to get through it and move ahead to Sec+ and CCNA though. Thanks for that input though.
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    I'm going for my CCNA now w/ no experience. I don't think the lack of experience would have too much of a bearing on completing the CCNA. You'd just have to study harder and possibly longer fro the topics to fully stick.

    Edit: Also, I was just talking to someone about this yest. I personally did Net+, Sec+, then A+, then CCENT. But I think it'd be a lot smoother to go straight from Net+ right into the CCENT/CCNA. It'd be easier and faster and give you a much better short term ROI.

    Regardless of which path you end up taking, good luck!!
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    I'd say skip the N+ if you plan to go the CCNA. Still learn the basics, but no point in spending the money on the certification IMO.
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    If you dont mind spending the money I recommend taking the Net+ prior to the CCNA.
    The net+ covered way more info than the ICND1 did. Im glad I took it.
    It covered a lot of topics I run into at work that the ICND1 didnt.

    There is some overlap however it isn't like taking the same test twice but with a cisco emphasis.

    Im studying for the ICND2 now so I cant say if the Net+ covers things not on that exam. But it seems like it so far.
    If money is an issue and you can only take one then take the Cisco exam simply because itll open more doors, is more recognized, and is a foundation for higher exams.
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    I've sunk a lot of time into the Net+ already, so I'm going to go ahead and finish it. I bought an annual subscription to CBT, so the money for studying has already been spent.

    I'll probably go traight into CCNA after Net+, even though I really want to get my head around security and the Sec+. Looks like my "plan" isn't so bad after all.

    Thanks for all the positive input! :)
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