Please Answer if someone passed CISSP

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Hi Guys, Congrats for your success if you have passed cissp...!!! And best of luck to those who are planning to give...!!! People who passed, could you please answer following questions: 1) Are their any similar questions you found in exam related to any of the practice material like total tester, studiscope, cccure or transender ? 2) which domain of question you struggled a lot in exam ? 3) Are the questions one liner or paragraph ? 4) would you like to advise on the method/strategy you choose to answer the questions in exam. 5) any questions outside cbk which is out of the book ? 6) Are their any straight forward question where elimination method can be used? 7) any specific domain which has more no. of questions in exam? icon_cool.gif Please share any time management strategy ?


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    To give a blanket answer...we are not supposed to give you this information. What I will say which has been stated many times is nothing matches any practice exam. You need to honestly just know the information and use really good time management.

    I used Transcender until my eyes bled and I will say it made all the different from my original attempt. As well, I stayed on a structured path throughout the entire exam. If you don't know it...check it and move on.

    I remember someone here giving the best answer I ever read which is "the domain which you are the weakest you will see the most questions and consider them the toughest". That basically all domains. I don't even remember what I saw on my test really. I forgot what I tested literally right after I walked out the door after I finished. Its so long of an exam that you can only focus on what is in front of you so its a slim chance you will really remember the questions afterward.

    Steps for success are simple:

    1. Read the book(s) - Eric Conrad is the best, Shon Harris is good if you need more in depth breakdown of specifics to help you wrap your mind around them.

    2. Practice you butt off. And that means take multiple 250 question exams. You cannot take a bunch of 50 question practice exams because they dont build up mental endurance needed to succeed.

    3. Spot the "NOT" as they will try to through you off using NOT in a sentence

    4. Breathe and keep track of time. Do NOT spend a lot of time on a question.

    5. Remember to think from MANAGEMENT prospective.

    6.(My rule) - WRITE as much as you can on the paper given. It helps bring back things from memory. See a question that has something that jogs your memory of something else. WRITE IT DOWN. By the end of my test, my paper had no blank areas.
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    Thanks man for the wonderful explanation.
    I will stick to my studies and practice many QnA.
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