CISSP passing score and falling short

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Read that ISC scales the scores and just from previous knowledge I know that only 225 questions apply to the score. If one scores just short of the 700 cut off (say 680 or 690) how many does that estimate were wrong on the test?


  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,901 Admin
    That depends on the weighting of the items that were marked incorrectly, meaning that some exam items are likely worth more points than others. Also, the bottom of the scale is not known to the public. Is the worst possible score (i.e., all exam items marked incorrectly) a zero, 100, 300, or something else?

    With (ISC)2 exams, even a miss by one incorrect item is as good as a mile, so it really doesn't matter how many items anyone misses on their exam--pass or fail.
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    Infact i miised it by 4 marks when i took my first attempt last month. It would be disheartning to c that i failed coming soo close but yes you can expect such kind of things in these kind of exams like CISA and CISSP:)
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