How much is my certification worth when i would "sell" it?

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Hi to all

I'm not sure if I'm right here, but who knows :)

At this time, I'm working as a freelancer in germany since a few months. This means now, that I haven't associated my MCP-ID to a company for the partner program. As far as i know, it is possible to "sell" my ID (with a contract) to any interested company. Microsoft allows this if I look at the terms and conditions.

Now, my question is: Does anybody knows, how much I may expect for my certifications?
At this time, I've made: MCSA 7 and 8, MCSA 2008 and 2012, MCITP:EA 2008 and MCSE Server Infrastructure.

Many thanks in advance


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    I'm not sure Microsoft would agree with your assessment that the terms and conditions allow for you to take money from a company simply for them to use your MCP information. Even if there is no language in there that explicitly forbids such a deal, it's definitely not in the spirit that partner-associations are intended. I'd call up Microsoft and find out to be safe, you can get their contact info from the MCP site.

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