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I'm fairly new to the I.T. field and considering taking the network+ exam.
I just completed a Networking class at the local community college. The book
we used was called Network+ Guide to Networks by Tamara Dean. I also just
ordered a Sybex study guide which includes their Virtual Lab. I was hoping
that someone could recommend additional study material or sample tests that
may better prepare me for the Network+ exam. The choices of materials I've
seen on the Internet and in book stores are endless! As with anything else,
there are probably some better than others. Given the high cost of these
items, I'd really hate to buy something that wouldn't help me that much.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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    LochenLochen Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have a bookset that is like that to. Something you will learn is not every book coverers everything in the detail needed to use it in the field. So spread ur sources look on the web go around. And good luck im taking my Network+ in a week :) Also i encourge u to setup a Test computer if you can afford such to do the many things network+ has u do like my book Network_ from Syngress has a CD to and it is mosty based on windows 2000 but it has 98 things in it too. It shows examples and what to do and all. Remember your not just studying for the test if you really get into it you might want to focus on learnign trouble shooting as well. I got a job at a place just being their tech for a while and iregret not going over A+ trouble shooting even more because trust me its needed. So go thought that as well. Plus if u havent already you should get your A+ and learn the general computer infomation it can really help you to besome things when a computer does die it may not be network realited at all.

    well there ya go man wish ya luck man
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    I passed Network+ last Monday. I recommend All-in-One Network+ Certification Exam Guide by Michael Myers. That's the only book that I used, but I studied it then had 2 reviews through it.

    Besides that, the study notes available here at TechExams are really good supplement to any exam guide.

    The All-in-One Guide also has a CD with 2 practice exams on in. But, I tend to agreee with others, that these exams are a bit easier than the actual CompTIA exam. So, after you get some serious studying done with a good exam guide or two, try several of the free online exams, especially those on this site.

    I passed with a score of 780--not one of my more shining moments-- so I think that probably you should use more than one study guide.
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    DrakonblaydeDrakonblayde Member Posts: 542
    Hehe I know the Tamara Dean book, have it sitting right next to me as a matter of fact. Same text I had for my network fundamentals course last quarter. It's an ok book, just make sure you read the entire book if you didn't cover all of them in class (my class only got through chapter 11). I used that, the Net+ Exam Cram, and the Transcenders to prepare for the test. Once I could routinely pass the Transcenders with a 90% or higher score, I went ahead and scheduled my exam.

    At the risk of skirting the NDA, you may need to know a bit more about subnetting than the Dean book goes into, I did have one question that required a bit more knowledge than the book helps, but it's always luck of the draw.
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