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Really excited at the moment!

i spend the complete 6 hours and then i got the congratulations paper!

I really can't believe it. It was a really stressful test! Started and when i reached the #100 i said, nevermind, i am gonna continue till the end, fail, relax for the next 4-5 months and then start studying again. The questions made me think that i did not know anything. that i did not study at all.

i made a 5 minutes break at #150 and continue till the end. There were 2 and a half hours left, I went over my missed questions (around 15) and then i went over my flagged questions (around 200!!!). Surpisingly i found many mistakes that i did during my first run, i tried to complete and correct the flagged questions. 5 minutes left, and i was still at the #100, finished a couple of more and then i couldn't do anything else so i end the test.

I went outside to get my disappointing results but surprisingly i passed.

Guys study, study and again study. Solve as many as virtual exams as possible. Run many 250qs exams.

I have read half of the AIO book but read every tip and highlight.
I solved every question on the AIO cd.
I solved every question in the cccure quizzer and bought the extra subscription, i also got the scenario questions. Very helpful were also the studiscope.
Every point that was unclear i was studying it in the Conrads book.

I can't really say what was more helpful than the other. everything was.

2 days before the exam i read the 11th hour study which is very helpful for a complete reccap.

Thanks to the members of this forum for the great tips.
Thanks to @cdupuis for the quizzer and resources.


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