A few Questions.

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First I would like to start by saying that I have followed this site and forum for quite sometime and it has help in a lot of varies way, so thank everyone for their contributions.

However my question is this:

I have recently decided to dive face first into InfoSec. I have recently gotten my Net+, Sec+, and bought DG book for SSCP along with Trainsignals materials. I know this is like comparing apples to oranges, but would it be more beneficial to obtain the CCNA cert if my end goals are the CISSP and CEH?

Thanks in advance.
2014 GOALS: CCENT [], CCNA [], CCNA-S [] , CISSP []


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    Sorry to double post, I just realized that I did not ask my second question. Which was since I have recently completed my Sec+ exam, should I start studying for the CISSP or go for the SSCP? Any help with this decision would be helpful.
    2014 GOALS: CCENT [], CCNA [], CCNA-S [] , CISSP []
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    I personally recommend the CISSP over the SSCP just due to the recognition involved but that's my opinion. The CCNA is still a great cert to have. I have 6 years of IT experience and have my MCITP and CISSP but I am actually actively pursuing my CCNA/CCNA Security just to add some networking certifications that are Cisco related to my resume. I think pursuing your CCNA would be a great idea as well since it will give you a stronger networking background and make you more marketable on paper
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    If you plan on doing anything with network-related security then studying the CCNA will be very useful to you. If you are staying more on the software application, database, and physical sides of InfoSec then CCNA will not be as useful to you, but it's good information to know anyway.
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    Thanks a lot for the information. I think I will bypass the SSCP and order my book on the CISSP. I do like networking, however I am more interested in the software application, database, and physical sides of InfoSec more. Possibly getting a entry level job in a SOC. Thanks again.
    2014 GOALS: CCENT [], CCNA [], CCNA-S [] , CISSP []
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