Masters degree or certifications first?

brfitzpbrfitzp Member Posts: 41 ■■□□□□□□□□
So I just graduated with my bachelors in information technology and currently have the comptia trinity.

I want to continue studying and to become more well rounded. My idea would be to get a masters in it management from wgu and get certifications such as ccna/ccnp and some microsoft certs to cover the technical side better.

I have a new potential job coming up that looks promising as a desktop support analyst.(the callee me the day after interview saying they want to hire me and are running background checks now)

Im only 22 with no kids so my free time is all mine. Would the degree be more logical to pursue first since that never expires


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    atx1975atx1975 Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Personally I would go for the experience first, there are going to be far and few the jobs you wont get because you dont have a Masters, I have only seen a few required and those were big specialized companies that also wanted 8-10 yrs experience with it and at that point you will have your Masters if thats the path you choose.
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    da_vatoda_vato Member Posts: 445
    I partially agree with atx but one thing I have come to find about education is you have to strike while you have the energy and especially the time. You'll come to find that life has a funny way of getting in the way of plans.... Personally I would go for the Masters degree as you said it never expires can you say that about certifications?
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    broli720broli720 Member Posts: 394 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Well, since you do have the free time do what I did. Just get it all. Do your masters part time, work full time, and get certifications in between. Grind now, relax later...
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    brfitzpbrfitzp Member Posts: 41 ■■□□□□□□□□
    If I get the new job im starting to think the masters would be best.
    The new job is a large company with room to grow and would be good experience for me. Certifications like the ones im looking at can be obtained relatively quickly and cheap compared to a new degree.

    Im hoping to one day become a CTO or system admin in a large company. I would assume both positions would need a decent foundation in many aspects of it.
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    N2ITN2IT Inactive Imported Users Posts: 7,483 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Find a job that will pay for your masters. I know several friends who went this route. Best option, no way I would pay out of pocket for a masters.
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    goldenlightgoldenlight Member Posts: 378 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Get the job, then ccent/ccna, get a better job then go for masters if you feel like it

    You probably not going to feel like getting a masters after you get older.
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