What iOS/Devices?

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Hey all,

I have been using Lammle's book to prepare for the CCENT/CCNA and I curious what iOS I should be using in GNS3 to best prepare for the exams and also what routers/switches are best to use in Packet Tracer? I have noticed each device might differ in terms of interfaces and things of that nature..

Are they any models in particular that are ideal to use for test prep, and any iOS in particular?


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    My n=1 viewpoint: I used a mixture of 1841 and 2901 routers and almost exclusively 2960 switches in Packet Tracer, all running a simulated version of the 12.4 IOS. There were a few commands that I didn't have access to, for instance, using a pipe character to select which part of a long #show command to display. The basics of routing configuration and troubleshooting worked just fine, though.
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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