Your thoughts on a Equipment Purchase offer.

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A former co-worker is offering to sell me his lab after I told him I am planning on buying some equipment from
I wanted to get your thoughts on the equipment he is offering me. I am pasting some of our correspondence below.Please tell me what you think ?
I have researched some of the equipment and it seems the equipment models the new "tests" but the devil is in the details.

from E-mail
Sorry I just got time to dustoff my Cisco gear and write down all the images I have. If you are looking to take the CCNA voice u may need to look for DSP modules for more advanced voice configurations. the IOS can be upgraded and that's a great exercise if you are getting ur own cisco hardware, u just need to check the memory requirement before u do any upgrade.
Here are the images I have:

IOS Image

Make Model Quantity
Cisco WS-C3548-XL 1
Cisco WS-C2950G-24-EI 1
Cisco WS-C3524-XL 1
Cisco PIX-515E 1
Cisco PIX-501 2
Cisco 2610 3
Cisco 2650 1
Cisco 2621XM 2
Cisco 2620XM 3
Cisco 2821 1
Cisco WIC-1DSU-T1 4
Cisco WIC-2T 3
Cisco WS-G5483 4

Please let me know what you think ? I think I have more then what I need equipment wise to pass ICND1 and ICND 2 if I choose to go with my co-worker. I am looking to get my CCNA voice then CCNA Security after I pass my ccna and I do think this equipment will get me there..

All response welcome.
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    For CCNA V you will need voice based IOS's, but the hardware looks good. If the price is right, take all of it, use what you need, and sell off anything you do not need. He is right, updating IOS is a good exercise. Good luck with your studies, and exams.

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    I am waiting to see what the new virtual switches and routers look like. I had a lab previously and sold it so I have the hardware experience. You did not mention price keep in mind when you offload it, expect to pay at the very least 100+$ to ship it.
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    How much RAM and Flash are in these?

    The 2600XM series routers look good. The 2821 definitely looks good for Voice. I ran one in my voice lab too.

    There are some things in this listing I'd pass on -- especially if you're paying shipping. Any non XM 2600 is garbage. They dont support 12.4IOS or enhanced features needed for Voice studies. The XL Series switches are also pretty old. They will work, but are very old. If they are free, take them. If they are not, buy something else. 2960's can be seen on ebay for 50.00-75.00. I bought 2950's yesterday for 1.00 with 9.99 shipping.

    All in all this looks like a good stack of stuff. This is also far better than what Certification Kits would offer. Btw -- Dont buy cert kits. Building the lab is serious fun, and a serious learning experience :)
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    Thanks guys for the advise and feedback. Corndork2, The reason I was going with was because I have priced out 3 routers and 3 switches on ebay and it's coming out to almost the same price as the certification kit would cost. Plus getting the kits means I know I will get the 12.4 os plus a limited warranty on the equipment. I am unsure if I want to buy this gear from my former co-worker. What happens if right after I buy the gear it stops working ? I have no recourse. If I go with certification kits I do have a recourse. I am still trying to decide on what to do.

    Thanks for the input.
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    o'k after looking long and hard I have decided to go with this configuration for my home CCNA Lab with an Eye to the future doing CCNA Voice and CCNP.
    I believe I have made some good picks.

    Let me know what you think. I am ordering this on Friday.

    Digi CM-32 32-Port Console Terminal Server
    Router #1 1841 256/64
    - Router #2 2801 256/64
    - Router #3 2610XM 128/32
    - Switch ##1 2950 to 2950C
    - Switch ## 2950 to 2950C
    - Switch ##3 2950 to 3550
    "A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B."

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