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So I was planning to start knocking out some SANS certs but I don't know where to start. I took a practice test for GSEC and was shocked at how easy the questions were (especially given that SANS has a reputation for hard tests). With my background...(7 years in IT, 5 in InfoSec) and my current certifications, should I start out with GSEC to get a feel for SANS...or should I just jump right into GPEN, GCIH, etc...???


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    The GSEC is an amped-up Sec+. I'm assuming you took the SANS 401 assessment test, not the GSEC practice test (which is a good simulation of the real exam). The assessment test is probably a simplistic taste of what the GSEC exam is like. If the course syllabus seems relatively trivial to you, I'd say go for a 500-level course instead since you've been in InfoSec for some years now.

    By the way, GIAC provides the exams and certifications and SANS provides the training, so "SANS certs" is a bit of a misnomer.
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