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Hey everyone..........Ok Here's the deal i work at an internet cafe, inside the cafe is configured wireless. the problem is the WAP gets its feed from a hub right which i know is not the best idea in the world; already suggested a switch. but the thing is that the computers to the back seem to browse very slow at time and the computers keep jumping on and off the need work the wasn't so when we 1st open the store...........i figure there is a problem with the WAP......Also a can't seem to connect to my orginal wireless network somtimes have to connect to the alternet one.....

802.11b network u think we should up grade the network

our connection is from the ISP is from a 3Megs connect via wireless which i aslo think is a problem......

what can i do to improve the speed here...... customer complains is really getting to me icon_confused.gif


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    First get a ADSL Connection for the Internet
    Use a Swicht 10/100/1000
    Update your Wireless to 802.11 g
    Put another WAP or verify the best connection on each machine moving the one you already have.
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