CCNA's first starting out.

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Hey guys,

So I'm nearly finishing up my ccna studies and going to be sitting the exam in about a month or so, I had a question for those with a ccna what do you guys do as part your daily duties in relations with having a ccna skillset.



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    currently I'm a ccna instructor. I was offered a part time job from the university I graduated. Because of the exam experience I'm teaching my students the skills they needed for the exam. (kinda giving them pka activities different from the NetAcad activities).
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    VoIP deployment and administration for state offices. That includes quite a bit of router and switch config and troubleshooting. Most of what I do delves deeper than CCNA level but so far (9 months in) I have been able to hold my own. The CCNA and BS from WGU definitely played a major part in me getting this job.
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    IMO its important to remember that the ccna will only provide you with a core foundation and understanding of basic network functionality, don't expect to use everything you learned at the ccna level or that the ccna will be sufficient within a "basic role", (network warrior) is a great book which can give you an insight on what to expect but i guess its all dependent upon your actual job role.

    That being said, a method which im currently using to retain my ccna skills is by dedicating 1 - 2 hours a day just going over past notes as well as using packet tracer/gns3 to practice basic labs and also helping others out where i can on forums like this.

    I hope this answers your question and that i haven't gone of in to much of a tangent .
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