Why clocking becomes a part of physical interface?

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"show controllers" tells info about clocking about serial interface, like "DTE V.35 clocks stopped". Why does serial interface needs clocking while others not?


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    Technically speaking all interfaces need a clock rate (or speed). Ethernet has 10/100/1000, which "can" be set but normally uses auto negotiate, so no one thinks about it.

    Clock Rate can be defined as: How fast the interface can send data. Generally the ISP determines what your clock speed is for the serial wan link.

    DCE: (Data Communication Equipment) provides clock rate when connecting two routers.
    DTE: (Data Terminal Equipment) receives the clock rate.

    When setting the clock rate on an serial interface it defines which link will be the DCE and which side is the DTE, because all serial interfaces are synchronous i.e. detection is based on clocking

    That's my understanding of it.
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