Having issues, need new material.

I am using the Sybex Fast Pass book for 70-270 and I write in just over two weeks. I've put about a month of studying in and I just find myself only getting about 60% on the tests on this site and the first transcender I wrote.

What book would you reconmend I purchase tomorrow? The full version of Sybex or the exam cram 2? (I'm just worried that limiting my information again may harm me)

Thanks for ANY help.
On the road to Cisco. Will I hunt it, or will it hunt me?


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    Although they are different, there will be some overlap between the two Sybex books, and the Exam Cram is not a very complete one either. Personally I'd go with the MS Training Kit from MSPress. If you have a chance of reading a piece of both, I'd choose the full sybex or the ms kit based on the style you prefer.
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    Thanks, I went down to the local chapters and tried to get the 3rd edition Sybex. Of course with my luck, none in the 6 stores around me and even better yet is none on order.
    So I ordered it priority from amazon.ca and hopefully will get it in two days (not like I dont already feel the crunch without waiting two days)

    I even tried to postpone my exam but Prometric's site wont let me due to error on their side so I guess I will call tomorrow.

    Thanks again.

    (Side Note, you save 20%~30% on books by buying them (chapters or amazon) online and just getting free shipping)
    On the road to Cisco. Will I hunt it, or will it hunt me?
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