Network+ or CCNA after A+?

Which of these two certifications is a better idea to get after getting the A+? I know most people are going to say CCNA, but it requires a lot more training than the Network+ and I don't even have any experience. I have taken a networking class when I was in college which covered basic stuff. Surprisingly enough, I realized that the OSI model that was emphasized in college is obsolete and TCP/IP is the current model. I still have plenty of hands on learning to do such as figuring out proper commands. I just don't like how expensive the Network+ is compared to the CCNA despite being a less demanding certification.


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    I did Net+ before CCNA just to give myself a refresher on networking concepts and ease into the R&S world.
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    You could always go for the CCENT first, then CCNA after. I agree about Net+ being a bit expensive for what it's worth. I don't see very many jobs that require it, and the material covered is pretty basic stuff for anyone who has an interest in IT.
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    There are benefits to both. Network+ is vendor neutral teaching the core fundamentals. As well as the exam format will be more familiar. I haven't looked at the Net+ outline lately. After the recent revision of CCENT, it goes deeper than before. Cisco exams are known to be pretty tough in general. I.e: you should be able to subnet in your head within 20 seconds or less.

    If you're certain you enjoy networking and/or want a career in the field. Many advise to go straight for CCENT. As there is a great deal of overlap between Net+ and CCENT. On the other hand, if your unsure or weaker with networking; CompTIA eases into it.

    Look at both exam outlines and see which is more comfortable. There's no harm going for Net+ first. It would still speed up the process with CCENT material. Long term: Cisco tends to hold more weight in the networking field.

    Net+ gave me an excellent foundation, it was Cisco that renewed my passion for networking as a career.

    IMO you can't go wrong with either cert. Also while you'll never use a computer running the OSI protocol. I wouldn't say its obsolete; the model/terminology is used daily. A networker needs to be fluent speaking OSI ;)
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    I would say study the network+ materials to get an idea of what networking is about, but don't pay for the test. The CCENT and CCNA are what you want if your looking to get into networking. second to that I would look into BCNP or JNCIA type exams to well round yourself. So the answer is work on the CCNA but take baby steps as it is not a cakewalk exam
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    N+ and get an IT job, even if it's help desk to get your foot in the door. Don't get a bunch of certs w/o any experience.
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    Neither personally. I think getting a job and studying the material without paying for the exam is the way to go. You may find yourself steering towards another direction altogether. A lot of times in a company when you move up you don't really have much say if you want to move up. Just my two cents. Good luck either way. (I will say this reading Mike Meyers N+ book was very informative, but I didn't really need to spend the 250 on the exam).
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    I would go in this order: A+ -> Security+ -> Network+ -> CCENT -> CCNA
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    If you're comfortable with networking, I'd say skip network+ and go straight for the CCNA.

    If not, network+ is a good introduction and foundation for what will be covered in the CCNA.
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    A+ -> N+ -> S+ (because if you do A+ -> S+ -> N+ it won't renew the other two) then move on to ICND1 -> ICND2

    Why I think that? Because it will take you time before you attain your CCNA and in the meantime you need to be marketable to land an entry-level position and do your CCNA while working. Take 6 months or more for your CCNA and really learn the material, don't just learn2pass but really soak into all the Cisco routing stuff so after you're done and start looking for networking jobs you will have at least 6 months of work experience behind you which is worth much more than a certificate alone.
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    I'd skip the N+ if you plan to do the CCNA.
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