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Last-nite I was haveing dinner with a friend of mine who works for T-mobile as a Level 2 Tech. I work for a Major DSL Provider. Anyway the conversation got on the topic of WI-FI and the Network Plus certification.
I never really thought that a Network Plus certification really being of any value to a cellular phone tech. I was wrong. Since I work work with DSL on a daily basis I know the need for people trained in Network Plus and A+ certifications but my eyes were really opened on How much the network plus certification was used my friend at T-mobile.

My buddy suggested I should really hit the 802.11 standards hard as well as the OSI model and I should be fine when I take the Network Plus.
My approach has been to cover all the bases but I must admit the security and 802.11 material I am reading is very interesting. The Media and Topoligies info makes for some dry reading sometimes.

Anway just wanted to point out that the Network Plus certification can and does touch many areas of employment.
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    If you have any experience this is a very easy test. Just get the ExamCram and do a few practice tests and you should be good to go.
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    When I took the test a while back there were a lot of questions about ports and such. Know your ports and you should be fine if you have any experience with networking. Read a book about it. I can't really tell you which one but ExamCram seems to be sufficient. Also read the tech notes and work on practice test on this site. Will help you pass the test.

    Hope that helps....
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    If money is not an issue I would highly recommend purchasing testing software. I've personally used examforce, it's a great program. Also Transcender seems to be very popular. The concepts of the material may not be hard if you're already in the IT field, however what you know may not be whats covered by the exam. This site also has an endless amount of notes and study material.
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    Be ready for implemantation and troubleshooting scenario questions.
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    I have notes posted from a guy on another forum... 32 pages and all you need to add is the OSI model and yer good to go...
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