Positioning Myself for Offensive/Defensive Security

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I'll be graduating from WGU in 2014 and going straight through with the M.S. I want to make sure I'm preparing myself early on for a jump into red/blue team security following my degree. I'm my current role, I'm working with programming/scripting primarily in the security infrastructure. I'm scheduled for both my SSCP and CCNA: Security in January which should lay an even stronger foundation atop my Security+ and various other certs.

For the short term, I'm thinking I'd like to head in a UNIX direction and go the way of LPIC/Linux+ or RHCSA and then move to OSCP.

Any other/further recommendations? I'd like to hear from some individuals current in either one of these positions.


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    This sounds like a good idea, I am an RHCE (and LPIC-3) and I'm currently enrolling OSCP, it definitely requires Linux/Unix skills (bash / python / perl) and this will give you a good knowledge to begin with.
    I pretty much skipped good part of the OSCP course due to having previous knowledge in Linux (bash scripting).
    the path you're thinking of is recommended. although you don't have to get RHCSA, you can simply learn basic linux with some google.
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    You can aim for self study for GIAC GCIH with CEH material, counter hack reloaded and incident handling book. This will net you both CEH GCIH easily, and give you a great boost in career for those company looking for GIAC candidate. The knowledge learn can further branch into GPEN and OSCP.
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    I'm not planning on going for CEH/GCIH directly, as those come with the WGU M.S. program. I would like to jump into a GIAC program though, but I'd have to self study, as I wouldn't have the opportunity to attend official training.
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