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Howdy.. I am not new to this site as have been reading posts for quite some time. How ever, after passing my first certification exam, I thought would share some insight (without violaiting the NDA of course)

Passed 733/1000.. Now considering I studied for a short amount of time (mind you I work in IT full time and studied at nights / weekends) on exam prep, I am not disapointed with the score at all. After all a pass is a pass. How ever dont let that stop you from reviewing weaker areas.


- Sybex Windows XP Professional (2nd Edition)
- Cramsession notes
- Preplogic (Testing simulator)
- Technotes from this site (thank you)
- Experimenting on the O/S

This is not a terrribly difficult exam at all. Study the materials, test your knowledge with a simulator ( I used Preplogic and highly reccomend it). Additionally take your time on each question and read the question twice. I would recomend taking a shot at the exam after you are comfortable with an exam simulator and are obtaining consistent passes).

Perhaps someone could tell me the process on obtaining the Welcome Kit and certificate? I understand an email is sent out? Step by step instructions would be appreciated.

Am going to purchase the materials for the 290 exam now, but first, crack open a few coldies.



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