Firmware for old switch

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I am looking for enterprise firmware for old 1900's series. The model I have is WS-C1924-A. It was loaded with enterprise firmware 9.00 version but I accidentally lost it. I couldn't find it on or ebay. Could someone please tell me when I can't get/buy a copy of this firmware?



  • alexgnealexgne Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I got hold of enterprise firmware: cat1900EN. Now, I have a problem upgrading the switch with this firmware. icon_redface.gif

    I tried to upgrade the switch using tftp and xmodem with no success. However, I can upgrade the switch using standard edition cat1900a. using both xmodem and tftp.

    I know the switch, ws-c1924-a does support enterprise firmware.

    Any suggestions ? icon_wink.gif
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