When to book test?

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Hi All, how far in advance should I book a test? I'm planning on taking the test around mid-January, but I'm not sure if I can book it a week in advance, or if I need to book it weeks in advance. I live in the GTA area of Toronto, but not Toronto itself. So, it's a busy area, but not as busy as downtown.

I've haven't booked a certification test in over 10 years, and the last time was in San Jose. So, I can't really remember how to do it. (Sorry if this post is redundant).

Thanks for help and advice.


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    From what I've found, it's a good idea to book a test at least a month in advance. At least, that is the best practice for my area. Many of the test centers were already booked-up for months.

    For those of you that haven't done this before, or it's been many years since you booked a test, here is the simple procedure I followed.

    1) Bought a test-voucher from getcertified4less.
    2) Signed up an account with Pearson VUE.
    3) Booked a test through Pearson VUE.
    4) Entered the voucher code emailed to be by getcertified4less at the last step in the checkout process with Pearson VUE.

    It was pretty straight forward and simple.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Testing Centers have limited amount of seats available which they use for all testing. While it's possible it may not be likely you can get in on such short notice.

    You can go online to the testing center's website and after choosing the test you want it will show you what dates and times are open. Usually at the site you chose and other sites that are in your area.
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    If you know where you'll be taking it, the best bet is to call them and ask. There's a lot of variability between testing centers and busy/slack times and they can give you insight into busy days where you need to book far in advance, and slower days where you might be able to walk in and take a test.
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