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i have one question about osi layers, as in book icnd1 (cisco press)(page 27 after table 2-3) is written that first two layers application and transport just send the traffic to network layer, and there router decides either this traffic is for the local delivery (same network) or it should be routed to outside the network. according to this page of book and what we were teaches in the class there is a confusion our teacher teach us that subnet mask decides that either this traffic will be routed to default gateway or not if after ip address and subnet mask calculation the result is this that traffic belongs to same network so it remains up to switch not passed over to the router.



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    I think you should go and study the OSI model some more, the first 2 layers are 1 physical and 2 datalink layer,the 7th layer is the application layer. The destination address is what decides if the default gateway is needed, if the destination address is on another subnet you need the gateway, to workout if the destination address is on another subnet the local host checks its ip address and mask.
    From your question it doesn't seem like you have any grasp on the basics, i definitely advise you t spend alot more time trying to understand the fundamentals.
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    yes you are right i have newly started the ccna Thanks for your advice
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