CBT Nuggets or INE for CCNP training?

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Hey guys. Just a basic question for you all. I recently obtained my CCNA R&S and I am still contemplating if I want to do CCNP R&S or CCNA Security first. Considering you had the money for either the CBT Nuggets videos or the INE videos, which one would you invest in for the CCNP exams? I am really considering INE but I need opinions based on experience and who relays the information most effectively.
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    I went with INE for my CCNA and am now using them for my CCNP. The videos are very thorough, but they are a bit dry at times. After watching the videos, doing a touch of reading, and a ton of labbing, I passed SWITCH with no problem. Working on ROUTE now.
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    I recommend INE's videos. In my opinion they are the best in terms of gained knowledge and the topics are presented in an easy to understand way. They also go to a higher level of details than CBT.

    Good luck with your studies!
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    It depends on how you learn really.
    Think if you have 2 teachers, 1 is lively and is cracking jokes, he is engaging but he is not really giving you enough information for the exam, for every topic that you listen to, you need to do a bit of reading on it to get the whole picture, that would be CBT Nuggets.
    Now think of a teacher that is a bit dry, a little bit serious but easy on the ear, he gives you all the details of every topic, gives you all the information that you need without having to do a lot of research to understand the topics but at times you might get bored and maybe switch off a bit. That would be INE with Brian McGahan.

    Now because I had access to both when I was studying, I was switching between the two depending on how well I already knew the topic I was studying.

    There is also TrainSignal videos and Chris Bryant so what I would suggest is to do a trial run with both vendors and see for yourself which one suits your style better.
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