A little confused about Vlan and f 0/0 etc

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I'm doing the the CCNA course and I'm a little confused about the last packet tracer lab on chapter 6.

This is the setup;

I'm trying to ping from pc1 to pc2, thats all but clearly theres a connection issue as it keeps timing out?

S1 has a vlan1 assigned and both pc1 and pc2 have ip addresses and subnets in place.

I'm clearly missing something obvious here but I just can't see it.

As there's a vlan am I right in saying I don't need to assign ip and subnet to f 0/1 etc?

I would really appreciate some guidance.

Much appreciated in advance :0)


  • Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson Posts: 414Member
    Are your fastethernet ports connected to the router configured as trunk?

    EDIT: Hang on, how come VLAN 1 on each switch has a different subnet?
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    Hi Magic

    Not sure what you mean all subnets are ?

    the course hasn't reached trunking yet so I'm sure that will be set as it should be.
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    According to your diagrams everything looks ok so if your configurations are correct on the devices then the PC's should be able to ping each other. I've never used packet tracer so I am unfamiliar with its capabilities. But this is a pretty straight forward and basic lab I dont see any gotchas here so far.
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    OK worked it out I had the vlan1 for S2 set to the same as S2 so naturally the pings wouldn't work.

    I appreciate the replies, case closed :0)
  • Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson Posts: 414Member
    Just ignore literally every post I made in this thread. Was thinking along the lines of router on a stick but now I see each switch has a separate interface on the router. /facepalm

    Sorry for confusing you!
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