Connecting 1721 to 2950

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Hi all,

Just bought my books and was hoping to get this equipment set up prior to starting.

I've bought a 1721 router and 2950 switch.

Cables I bought;

Ethernet(Cat5 - Various lengths)
RS232 DB9 - RJ45 Cat5 ethernet
StarTech Straight Through Serial Cable DB9 Serial cable DB-9 (M) DB-9 (F) 1.8 m

Any help would be appreciated. I had a look on Amazon for lab guides but couldn't find one.



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    You could connect the FE0/0 (Ethernet Interface) on the 1721 to one of the ports (first or last Fast Ethernet would be best) on the front of the 2950. You would connect to each device via its console port. The DB9 (F?) end connects to your PC and the RJ45 end connects to the console port on the router or switch.
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    What theodoxa said above. Plus, once you configure the router and switch with telnet or ssh access, you won't need to use to the console port.
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    Okay, next problem lol.

    The 1721 I bought doesn't have WIC modules in, so no serial ports.

    Just Console, Aux and 10/100 Ethernet.

    Any ideas?
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    Do you have a serial port on your PC? If not you will need a USB to Serial converter, available at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. Once you have a serial connection you will be able to connect to the Console port of your equipment. You will then need a terminal emulator, such as HyperTerminal or Putty, for an interface to the switch. Note that the connection from PC to router / switch requires a Cisco specific rollover (console) cable. Not sure if what you bought is correct. Set the terminal emulator to baud rate 9600, data bits to 8, parity none, stop bits 1, and flow control none. Once this is complete, connect the PC to the router, and power it on. With the terminal emulator running, you should witness the bootup process of the router. This is where you will need to begin reading, to understand what is happening.
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    I need a USB -- Serial connector and another rollover cable it seems.
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