Passed OS today!!! Now, A+ Certified!

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I took the hardware test in March and really procrastinated on this OS test. All I have to say to those that still need to take this exam is study your materials and take many practice tests and you should do well.

I scored 729 on OS! Yay! :D


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    This site is by far the best for study material and resources. TechExams rocks the casbah!

    And thanks for the congratz Germangiant!
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    Congrats on the new Cert!
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    Way to go! Is there a time limit between tests?
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    I don't believe there's a time limit in between tests as long as the objectives stay the same. If they change the objectives like they did for the 2001 to the 2003 then I believe they set a time limit so they can start the new objectives.

    For example: If I took the hardware test that was under the 2003 objectives and then comptia changed the objectives to 2006 they would probably say I would have to take the OS test in the next 6 months if I still wanted to test under the 2003 objectives and keep the validity(sp?) of the hardware exam that I took.

    You'd have to check with CompTia to make sure.
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    Way to go!! Great score, too.
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    Congratulations! Good Luck in the future! :D
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    CONGRATZ did it!!
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    congrats * wats nxt?
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    Well done! icon_cheers.gif

    Now let's go celebrate! icon_bounce.gif
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    Which website was best to help you for preparing the OS exam?
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    Congrats on the passing score, and the complete A+. Don't let anyone tell you that it's not going to get you anywhere. You'd be surprised how many engineers, computer scientists, and even networking and security gurus have never actually opened that mysterious box sitting under their desks and. . . you know. . . fixed it. Most "professionals" think that they're too good for the A+, unfortunately, and never really get the solid foundation in PC repair and troubleshooting; they have to sit and wait for the helpdesk to come and fix their problems, just like any other user.

    I wish I still had that article from Dr. Dobb's Magazine, where one of the editors, (who had been a software developer for some 15 years,) knew what PCI and AGP ports were, but had never actually seen them, so he couldn't install his sound card or his new video card. He was also having trouble connecting to his network because of, and I quote, "those weird four-part numbers. And what the hell is a subnet mask, anyway?" So, consider yourself ahead of the game, you've got the ability to make high-priced software developers come crying to you for help.

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    Congratulations :)
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    Congradulations. Good luck in the future! :D
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    I know that I'm responding to this quite late but I didn't want to leave those that bid me congrats hanging. Thanks to all!!! And to those that asked what was next...I am currently studying for Net+.
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