Compression on a XP system

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I am a little confused on what the correct answer would be on an exam due to the following two questions and their respective answers.

You want to reduce the amount of space used on one of your FAT32 drive fast, so you decide to compress a folder named Odata with user data such as Word and Excel docs. When you want to enable compression on the folders properties sheet you notice compression is not available. How can you compress the files with the least amount of administrative effort and still be able to read the files?

Answer(s): c. Create a new Compressed Folder and drag all the files from the Odata folder to the Compressed Folder and delete the original Odata folder
Windows XP contains comes with a new feature named Compressed folders. This feature allows you to create compressed folders which are actually zip files.

--Which of the following is true concerning drive compression in Windows XP Professional?

Answer(s): a. You can compress files and folders only on drives formatted with NTFS.
d. Compressed files and folders cannot be encrypted.

Don't these contradict each other? Am I mis-reading them?


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