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I am putting together my home lab and included a AS2511-RJ access server to make it easier.

I am considering putting the rack in another room away from my computer. This is mostly for noise and heat reasons.
Has anyone else done this and do you think I will have any problems. I would not leave it on all the time I would basically power up the power strip when I was going to do labs.

Happy New Years All.


  • JeanMJeanM Posts: 1,117Member
    Yep, many have done so, check some previous threads to get some ideas and/or details :)

    You'll have to have telnet and/or ssh access to your console server. You can go a step further and get a power strip that you can control via ip as well, to turn on/off devices remotely.
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    Mine is in the same room as my lab, but I can access my gear on my laptop from anywhere. If you have a so/ho wireless router, you can plug that into the AUI Ethernet port of your 2511(mines a 2509, but same diff). Then you can telnet into the 2511 over your wireless network, and console into all your gear over wifi!!! Go one step further, get some terminal software that supports tabs and bam.
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