All in one vs. one book for each cert

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Anyone think an All-in-one book is the better way to go than purchasing a book for each cert? I need books that offer deatiled information and many practise questions. I want to start on my MCSA then move to MCSE 2003 track. Thanks, for your responses.


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    Personally if you need detailed info i think the only way to go is individual books, they will cover more topics and have more deatiled info on each topic, they should also include descent set of exams.
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    I agree. Although there might be exceptions, I think these books that cover multiple exams are best used as an addition to a set of books.
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    IMO there is no replacement for a good book. I know you can save money with a good book set or all-in-one, but I just don't feel it works as well for me. I prefer using a book devoted completely to the subject matter which provides information then tests on content knowledge. Look for good extras. It's why I swear by MS Press books, there is a lot of extra materials included on their CD including testing software and snippets and chapters from other MS Press books with relevant information. Then, I use any and all free resources available and on line testing software, and if I'm still shakey on the materials, I buy up some videos or more practise test software. Instead of buying a collection to cover a major certification, I build collections based on my needs for single exams. Working so far for MCSA, only one to go!
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