Passed, But can't remember where I parked my car!

fonduefondue Member Posts: 104
Well ok I didn't forget where I parked, but my head was fuzzy after working the exam for 3 hours, all for a score of 733.

Brief history, a couple months back I decided I needed to finish my MCSE. I put it on hold 10 months ago, the reason escapes me now, big mistake. I spent a month reviewing 70-270, 70-290 stuff then hit 291 hard for the last month. (lesson #1 don't take 10 months between exams)

On Friday I decided I was ready so I scheduled the exam for Monday, forgeting that I had parties to attend. Needless to say I woke up Sunday and apparently drank away half of my DNS knowledge. This should go down in the logs as how not to prepare for an exam. (lesson #2 don't get hammered days before your exam)

Back to the exam. It was quite tough testing DNS, RRAS and DHCP heavily. The sims were the best part, a bit of advice, if the sim appears to not respond it's because they want you to go a differant direction, ie, I wanted to use Start > Program Files > Admin tools but it wouldn't open the dialog so I used the Control Panel. On another it was the opposite, Control Panel wasn't available.

My preparation included 1500 pages of Sybex,the Testout video and a home lab with 4 boxes.

Good luck to those taking 291 in the future, you will feel total satifaction when it's over.


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