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I am nowhere close to being able to take this exam or start studing for that matter. What alternative is there to the $825 courseware on ec councils website? How do I self study and how do I conduct labs? I would love to become CEH certified but I am trying to find cheaper methods. Would A+ and Security+ be sufficient knowledge?


  • TByrd450TByrd450 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Will a year studing for security+ and a year studing for CEH count towards the requirements. I will most likely use the iClass learning method where you watch their videos. Any suggestions.
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    There are tons of resources which may help you toward the CEH. I recommend Matt Walkers All in One CEH guide as a solid reference material, the book covered most of the requirements and wasn't difficult to read.

    With regards to your requirements, Security + is a good starting point to obtain general security concepts and a good foundation for CEH. It alone won't help you pass the CEH as the CEH looks at many tools and takes much more than just cramming study, you need experience with the tools to remember the syntax's correctly.

    Without doing the official course, you must get an employer to verify 2 years of working experience. Hope this helps!
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    Read the AIO. Do the labs in the book over and over. Maybe buy the Boson exam if you want some overkill.

    I don't recommend any of the classes if you have to pay for it yourself. You can do it just as efficiently self learned with the Walker book and the available tools out there.
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    The 2 year requirement applies to work related experience, IIRC.

    To echo the above, just buy the Matt Walker AIO book (the practice exams book by him as well if you have the extra money), play with the tools mentioned in it (most are free), and lab over and over.
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