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I've just began my studies for JNCIA, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend me some equipment to accompany me on my studies :D



  • fiftyofiftyo Member Posts: 71 ■■□□□□□□□□
    As for physical gear, the srx100 series is sufficient. As well the J2320 are pretty 'cheap' nowadays.
    Other options are gns3; Juniper Junos 12.2R2.4 installation on FreeBSD using QEMU – Adapt jinstall | whowantstoknowhow or running vyatta(similar commandline but broken to *). You will miss out on the management interface using these options though.
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    If you search Google there is a new project called JunOS Firefly vSRX, that will give you the ability to run virtually with no self installation, just deploy the OVA.
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    Masters Degree Information Security and Assurance (WGU) / Estimated 06/01/2016
    Next Up: CCNP Routing Exam | Certified Ethical Hacker Exam
    Cisco Lab: ASA 5506-X, GNS3, 1x 2801 Router, 1x 2650XM, 1x 3750-48TS-E switch, 2x 3550 EMI Switches and 1x 2950T swtich.
    Juniper Lab: 1x SRX100H2, 1x J2320 (1GB Flash/1GB RAM, JunOS 11.4R7.5), and 4 JunOS Firefly vSRX Routers in VMWare ESXi 5.1
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