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This is my first post to this forum, I have been lurking for a bit.

I have scheduled the 98-349 test for Friday, January 23rd. I just accepted a new position at a new company, after 7 years working for a pharma help desk. The pharma desk was primarily proprietary software, so although my troubleshooting skill and customer skills are on point, I feel my Microsoft skill is severely lacking, and this felt like a good entry point.

I don't start the new position until February, so my decision was to just go for a cert in the month before, 1. to get used to taking certification tests, and 2. I genuinely feel I need some added knowledge before tackling this new position.

So far, I have been done the following:

I am halfway through the Professor Messer free 70-680 videos. I know it is a different cert, but it seems the information is similar; and I have started on the Microsoft Official Coursework Exam book I was able to get cheap on Amazon.

My plan is to do about 2 hours of studying a day, which allows me a little under 3 weeks to get this material down. This is my first cert attempt, so I am looking for some suggestions and guidance.

Am I allowing enough time?
Should I step up the game a bit more by purchasing some additional resources?
Any advice on taking a microsoft cert in general?

Thanks for any comments!



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    I think with your plan, you'll do just fine. It wouldn't hurt to search a few 70-680 study guides and look up some of the things you are not familiar with - just be sure you visit each topic with which you are not familiar. 98-349 isn't nearly as deep as 70-680.
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    I haven't taken the exam myself, but I looked at the objectives and those 70-680 Professor Messer videos should help you on that exam, you should do 70-680 after that because that is more useful to have as it is more advanced than the MTA exams. While things are fresh in your mind, it'll make tackling 70-680 easier for you.

    Generally Microsoft does a 1 answer totally wrong, 3 look very similar with only 1 being right
    2 answers totally wrong but 2 answers look very similar with only 1 of those being right.

    That's aside from the drag and drop, correct order questions which might come up on the exam (I don't know if they do them for the MTAs)

    I wish you luck on the exam! icon_thumright.gif
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    For WGU, they have MTA OS, Net and Sec as part of my degree plan, (and proj+). Instead of waiting to take the exam's, I may just pay for them myself, study and pass them and move the credit over.

    From the books I have on the 3 MTA's, it doesn't seem too too difficult, they are pretty much just general overviews, much like CompTIA's. And from the several threads here, they seem very easy.

    My advice, obtain a copy of the official book for the MTA stuff. The 70-680 video's are like studying Brain surgery when you should be learning how to make a pot of coffee. It's way more in depth, but, if you get That material down, you could be halfway ready for the 70-680 anyways, which is a step above the MTA.

    You have a solid plan, and I hope it goes well. I think if you get the book and follow along, you will be done within 2 weeks if you do a few chapters a day, the book is only 400 pages.
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    Thanks for all the replies:

    Quick update. I took the test today, and got all 36 questions right.

    I will say though, from a end user supporting environment, while many of the questions were easy I surmise I would have gotten at least 6 or 7 wrong had I not studied. Stuff about upgrade paths, ect ect..

    Most were common sense, but it was a good introduction into the process of forcing myself to study and motivating to keep moving.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Congrats on passing!! What you aiming for next?
  • SweenMachineSweenMachine MCSA: Office 365, MCSA: Windows 7 (I am old), ITIL Foundations V3 Chicago areaMember Posts: 300 ■■■■□□□□□□

    I think ultimately I am going to go for the MCSA Windows 7, mainly because that is the prime OS that I will be supporting, however my new employer is a gold partner so maybe I will try to go for the Windows 8 just to make them happier. Hard to say what they would prefer I do...

    This week I take the 98-366 -- seems pretty straight forward but I wanted to get a few more of these fundamentals done.

    I am not really in a huge rush; as I already have secured the position and started it.

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