CCIE R&S v4 boot camps and a few misc questions as I near my lab date.

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I'm x-posting from reddit since the /r/ccie sub is very quiet.

I'm trying to locate a vendor that does any form of ILT Online boot camp for the R&S v4 and will be holding a class in the Feb/March time frame. I noticed that IPExperts has one but it is in June. I did not see anything from Micronic's and INE that was ILT Online. I'm loaded up on unused PTO from last year and would love to actually use it before it expires and I sit on 3/31/14 so it would workout somewhat.

-I am taking my lab at RTP and was wondering if anyone had hotel recommendations?

-I have looked around but can't seem to get a definitive answer on this, can i bring an e-cig(vapor) into the lab?

-Mock labs - I enjoyed the INE ML1 and was wondering how much weight to put into ML's as well as how many I should push myself towards taking? I am trying to follow the INE how to pass the CCIE schedule and I am seeing great progress but I just want to cover all of my bases in my last 3 months of training. With that also said is INE's assessment that the real lab is about the equivalent of a 7 on their mock-lab scale correct?

-Any last few month prep tips?


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    I can't really give you too much advise since I myself am very far away from even attempting the CCIE lab. However I did recently read in the book "You CCIE Lab Success Strategy" that the last 3 months of your training should be trying to complete as many 8-hour labs as you can. Be it INE, Narbik, or IPexpert. It's a pretty good quick read if you're interested, only about 170 pages. I knocked it out in 2 days.

    Goodluck on you lab!
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    I very much doubt you can bring vapor into the lab. Open a case with cert support if you want a definitive answer. I would imagine you would only be able to bring something if it's needed for your medical status. Usually you are allowed to bring snacks and something to drink.

    Last month prep is about covering all your weak areas, gaining speed and learning all the proper verification techniques.

    Good luck!
    Daniel Dib
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