Passed 70-410 (non-R2)

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I just want to thank everyone in this forum. I am a new member here, but I have been crawling this forum for quite a while. I found tons of helpful information that helped me prepare. Resources, study techniques, and opinions.

I have been working, slowly, towards this cert since about Oct. Then I realized the switch to the R2 exam was happening in Jan. so that lit a fire under me and I went ahead and scheduled. Failed first attempt 12/31 (647), second 1/6 (845)!!

I have (had) zero server experience. I was familiar with terms, but that was about it. I began with eval copies and using virtualbox. Then I ran into the issue of virtualizing while virtualized..... So, I dual booted 2012 on physical box and created environment via Hyper-V. Just the hands on "this isn't working, how do I resolve it" situations gave me tons of exposure to the hows and whys. I would attempt to recreate any and allow questions and examples pertaining to 2012 I could get my hands on. I also read Exam Ref 70-410, watched pluralsight, and MVA videos.

Now on to 411. I suppose I will wait till after the R2 update and cover all the additions before I attempt. Thanks again folks.


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