Questionable Frustration with ATC

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Hi, I was hoping someone here might have some experience dealing with an EC-Council ATC.

A very long story short, I sat official training for the CEH exam as part of a masters degree. On completion we were giving our attendance certs and a voucher for the exam. This voucher is an ATC Prime one. The centre at the time wasn't aware they could let me sit the exam, so my options were to either convert the voucher to prometric/pearson test centre or find another ATC who does actually proctor exams.

Upon contacting EC-Council they gave a list of ATCS. I found one within 100 miles(Fair enough!?) so decided to contact and arrange with them. According to Ec-Council website "A student can take their test at ANY atc"

Great I thought, I won't need to exchange. So went ahead and I'm booked for tomorrow to sit the exam. Had an email today to say remember to bring the £50/$80 admin fee for proctoring the exam. I question this and as I didn't sit my training at that particular ATC they needed to charge for their time.

Is this acceptable behavior giving the expenses already incurred for training + exam voucher, Do Ec-Council state this price or can an invigilator simply name a price for their time. I cant find anything on their website or terms & conditions. I would have imagined that Ec-Council have an agreement with every ATC that allows students to choose one close to them. I can't help but feel the burn in my pocket at 100 miles travel + parking + admin fee+ exam fee + training = Very Annoyed soon to be CEH.
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