CentOS and Red Hat join forces

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[CentOS-announce] CentOS Project joins forces with Red Hat
Red Hat + CentOS — Red Hat Open Source Community

As a CentOS user, I've felt a little bit of a 'black sheep' stigma during my Red Hat training. At the very least Red Hat and CentOS did not mention each other by name in the past. This is great news for the community.

Now maybe things like the delays we saw with CentOS 6.0 will be a thing of the past.
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    That is some good news, I have always gone back to trusty CentOS for most of my enterprise level needs. It would be nice to have faster and more included releases. Also would be nice to see CentOS included/used in the certifications :) Nice info +1 for you.
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    I think it's a wise move on behalf of Red Hat. I would assume part of the reason is that they're hoping those who work with CentOS will later migrate over to RHEL for the corporate environment. Companies were initially hesitant to adopt Linux because of the lack of vendor support & Red Hat helped change that.
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    I'm always skeptical when companies try to meddle with open-source solutions.
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    I' ve had the chance to speak un K Singh at CentOS dojo in my town last year. From what he said they've optimized the build process and it should not take as much as in the past. Hopefully now will be almost no delay.
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    I'm not so sure Red Hat is meddling. I think it's bringing things full circle, but really hedging bets for them. When they split RHL to RHEL and Fedora there was a void that was filled with CentOS. With CentOS in the fold, they can really push their environments for clouds and what-not. You can deploy an openstack cloud with CentOS and be binary compatible with RHEL, versus running an Ubuntu setup. It gives upgrade paths, it keeps CentOS out of Oracle's hands (not that CentOS would ever have merged with them). I know I personally was really soured when Oracle picked up Ksplice and then Ksplice said they would only support OEL from then on.
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