Boson Practice Exam?

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Has anyone used the Boson practice exams to prepare for the CCNA:V? Is it worth the $100? I used them for my original CCENT and CCNA and I think they helped a ton, but I'm trying to justify if it is worth it since the practice test engine from the OSG CD is free.



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    I would avoid it unless you feel like it has actual value to your studying. My coworker studied with the Cisco Press book only & practiced with CME for a few months and was able to pass the exam. You could try the free practice tests on Cisco website.

    Also if you didn't know, INE offers a free CCNA Voice streaming series.
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    I think putting the $100 towards taking the exam would be a better use so you get a taste for the real questions, and might just pass it on the first go :)

    That is just me though, I plan on sticking to the OCG cd and examing after I get some feedback and restudy from the OCG practice exam.

    Good luck!
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    I'm on the fence for buying the Exsim-Max for CCNET and CCNA myself. Yes they are pricey. But if they helped you a lot b4 y not stick w/it?
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    It seems like if you lab a bit and go through the OCG a couple times you should be ok, most people I've known in real life to get it has used to OCG as their only resource for studying, though they it did require setting up UC servers in virtual environments to lab.

    Though whatever resource helps to get the pass I wouldn't discourage though, as passing the test is almost as fun as studying for it :D
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    Thanks for all the responses guys.

    Bob - I went through Jeremy's CBTNuggets already, but I felt like they left a little to be desired. I'm going through the INE videos now, they definitely go a lot more in-depth, but he seems to drag on a lot! Thanks for the heads up.

    roch_greg - I think the Boson practice exams for the CCENT/CCNA were great, they were definitely an essential tool for passing the exam. I would definitely recommend them if you're still on the fence and can afford to drop the cash.

    I think I'm just going to use the $100 to pick up another switch for labbing, I've already got a decent lab set up but lacking the PoE switch. It seems like actually going through the CME interface and more labbing would be of more use than taking the Boson practice exam this time around.
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