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    Rawhide & lionel25,

    Thanks for the pointers! I'm working thru the Official Guide now. I'll take a look at CCURE.

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    Concerning the Security Engineering book, I notice it is published in 2008. Has anyone found the material to be too dated to match the current CBK for the ISSAP?
    I passed my CISSP a month ago and will begin studying for the ISSAP this week. I am looking for the best self-study guides and was looking for something else to complement the ISC2 2nd ed book.
    The two I see mentioned the most are:
    Security Engineering by Ross Anderson, dated 2008.
    Enterprise Security Architecture by John Sherwood, dated 2005.

    The second book dated in 2005 seems to be too old to include the latest changes in technology.
    Any thoughts?
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    I would use the official guide and the book by Ross Anderson.
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    Has anyone taken the ISSAP exam lately? I am about to purchase the official study guide and am just making sure it is still relavant to the exam.

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    I'll be taking it March '16. I just purchased the green book and I have been reading some blogs online about how to tackle the exam. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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    Best of luck. Should be fun. icon_smile.gif
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    Hi, folks. This sure is one helluva thread and there's a lot of good info here. Thanks for sharing your stuff out here.

    My question is: How much time in total did you prepare for the test? I'm looking at 7 months, but don't know if this is too long. Would love to know how much time you invested in this one.

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    5 months. Had some dedication but still worked full time and family stuff.
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    Same here . Studied for five months and nailed it last week . Not an easy exam .
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